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The Marriot House - Certified Passivhaus

Consulting Engineers Andrew and Katy Marriott are the proud owners of one of the first Certified Passivhauser in the South Island, and one of only 14 in New Zealand.  As engineers, they were intrigued by the idea of creating not just a beautiful home but a highly energy efficient one, so chose to build to the Passivhaus Standard. Developed in Germany, the Standard aims to achieve a very high level of occupant comfort whilst minimising the consumption of energy within a building.  It is a testament to the superb skills of contractor Glenn Harley (left) at Harley Builders that the house easily passed the stringent testing required to demonstrate compliance.  In 2016 the Marriott House was officially awarded certification by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany and received the NZ Registered Master Builders House of the Year Lifestyle Award for Sustainability, Canterbury Region.


As can be seen from the photographs, Andrew and Katy’s house demonstrates its owners’ careful attention to detail. A generous, open spatial configuration with abundant natural light is achieved via the careful design and placement of the crafted timber door and window joinery.  This is coupled with skilful craftsmanship and a playful sense of colour inside and out.  The result is a beautiful home that not only supports their physical comfort but also offers an experience to delight the heart and mind.





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